The clockwork homeland of the Gnomes of Halcyon ruled by a consortium of tinkerers, arcanists, and wizards the Gnomes of Kythera were the most advanced society that Halcyon had seen before the cataclysm. The symposium once distributed political-power on the basis of the merit of the most important advancements in knowledge.

But then of course – every shining utopia has its darker side.

The within the shining halls of the Symposium the Order of the Veil ensured that the greatest naturalists are arch-mages of the day refrained from studying the forbidden arts both within Kythera and without. While generations of Symposiarchs never officially acknowledge the existence of this secretive order of assassins and tricksters, the general populace of Halcyon has used their movements as evidence of a Gnomish "illuminati." Consequent distrust of the Gnomes has colored the interactions of the other races sense.

Additionally, some blame the research of the Gnomes into otherworldly being as evidence that they are at fault for the cataclysm itself.           

But, few races suffered as did the Gnomes during the cataclysm. While the Symposium had prepared the populace against external threats harassing the power of the Tree of Wisdom – they had neglected internal threats. Their most potentent creations – the Warforged – living constructs – rose up against them. The Sympoisarch, lacking options, implemented a plan to put the whole population of Kythera into a state of suspended animation deep in underground bunkers.

In the time of awakening, the Gnomes awoke to the ruin of their civilization. Now – adventurers are needed to help rediscover their lost knowledge.  


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