Across the vast Southern desert lies the Sultanate of Antium – ruled since time immemorial by the Tiefling families of Ad'Ibis. An ancient land somehow older than the other kingdoms Antium was always a mystical place – populated by mad wizards, wondrous beauty, and ancient bargains. The Sorcerers of Antium long ago developed a Method of trapping Djinn and other spirits and learned to bend them to their will.     

It was the affinity of the Sultanate with demons and spirits that lead some scholars (mostly those in the court of the Pontiff) to conclude that it was in Antium that the Nameless One was able to gain a foothold into this world. Though, rumors abound no one has confirmed this.

During the Cataclysm Antium, like its neighbors Riegna Novis and Karinor was rocked by plague and stood under near constant siege from the forces of darkness. The Sultan Eris Ad'Ibis at the dawning of the Cataclysm retreated to his palace of gold and devoted himself to the constant study of his demonic prisoners – seeking a way to end the reign the of darkness. With his withdrawal the Court of Viziers were forced to manage the affairs of the Kingdom. The Viziers ruled with an iron fist. But, much of the population did survive in the Shade of the ivory tree. 

In the time of Awakening, the Sultan reappeared – twisted, and mad – yet somehow still the delight of his people. With his reappearance, Ad'Ibis has gathered his populace into an army of fanatics through the power of his indomitable will. While his emissaries preach peace, and his armies yet remain in the Antium. The Mad Sultan is obsessed with discovering lost artifacts from an age still further gone. HIs army is poised to stop any who oppose him.  


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