Halcyon – Idyllic. Beautiful. Under siege.

First, the coming of the beasts.

Then, the dying of the crops.

Finally, the Nameless one reached out with his pock-marked hand – and spread his plague across the world.

The apocalypse has come and gone. Only the seven ancient cities under their seven ivory trees remain. By the grace of Cassimus we are awakened.

Most still hide behind the walls of the cities and serve the corrupt politicians still holding court in their crumbling palaces – others have already begun to settle the new yet ancient soil.

Adventurers are needed! We set out to protect these fledgling community or to profit by rediscovering what was lost. Join us, brothers and sisters – breathe the free air once again, and help to reclaim our birthright!

Welcome to the WIKI for Halcyon Awakening. This system is meant to serve as a central repository for information about the world and will be the place that adventure logs, character sheet back-ups, and information is exchanged.

A few words about what I’m going for here as a DM: This is an odd opportunity for me. I’ve never really tried to put together a long running game with people that I’ve never met before. Obviously there are some challenges with that – namely – I like to tailor my games to the tastes of my players. I obviously don’t know most of you, and therefore don’t know what’s going to get you inspired. I’ve also always wanted to go for a game that was a completely open world – a world without established lore and without a litany of people that you need to memorize in order to understand what’s going on. I’ve always wanted to have that “homebrew” game – one of those classic D&D campaigns that are sung about in the histories of our tribe. That’s what I’m going for here. I’m throwing caution to the wind in an effort to create a game based on a few seeds that are really meant to inspire the PCs as much as myself. There are 7 cities and a few settlements left in the world. Otherwise, the map is blank. It’s up to the PCs to fill it in. In so doing, I hope to be able to present an adventure that will morph with the tastes and inspirations of the PCs as we continue to get to know one another. It is my sincere hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Please take a look at the WIKI here to see some of the seeds I’ve sown. I’ve also included some information about the themes and motifs to expect.


Halcyon Reborn