The Isles of Shan – an island nation off the coast of Halcyon's primary continent and ancient wooded homeland of the Elves. A magical land full of deep wells of spiritual power – the denizens of Shan were led for generations by the Sun Emperors of the Shan dynasty. Eternally wed to the spirits of their home. Duty. Honor. Wisdom. Every citizen had a place in the great wheel of the Goddess.

Then came the armies of the proud conqueror King Orgar One-Eye and his army of Valkyries from the frozen kingdom of Skarsreich. The invaders crashed like waves over the armies of the Sun Goddess. But, the invaders were strong and consumed isle after isle in blood and steel. Just before the Cataclysm last Shan emperor paid an unspeakable cost for the defense of the Empire. He murdered the Sun Goddess. This led his armies to repel the foreigners but forever broke the covenant of his people with the spirits of their land.

The throne passed to his general – who has sought ever sense to erase the Shan dynasty's shame. But with the coming of the Dark Times, and the spread of the Unspeakable one's shadow over the Isles – Emperor Saelin – The New Emperor of the Sun – has retreated within the Forbidden Palace. For 1,000 years the great clans of Shan have warred and struggled in the capital of Shan – without guidance chaos reigns and the weak imperial armies struggle to maintain control within the city.

Now in the time of awakening, adventurers flock over the face of Halcyon seeking for a way to restore the favor of the Gods and to return the rule of the Blessed.      


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