A nation of faith. A nation of intrigue. Home of the Pontiff of Cassiums and seat of the Cassian faith Karinor was also seat of arts, music, and drama in Halcyon. A Theocracy, the Pontiff ruled for generations over his flock while appeasing the merchants who used the trade routes to the neighboring kingdoms to gain vast and incredible wealth. 

Of course, the Potiffs understood the keys to keeping power. As the merchant-princes schemed and acquired wealth and power, the secretive Priests of the Black Lantern manipulated events behind the scenes to ensure a careful balance of power between the Princes. 

Of course that was before the cataclysm.

While monster and plague battered themselves against the protective aura of the Tree of Grace, the scheming of the Princes grew and plots within plots formed and broke in countless assassinations, turns of power, and gambles.

Just before the awakening, the Princes were able to throw off the shackles of the Pontiff – and the Pontiff was forced to flee from the city. In his stead, a new Pontiff has been crowned.

What happened to the True Pontiff – no one knows.

Now – Karinor seeks to rebuild its crumbling works of art as its explorers once again go out into the wilderness and sail the black rivers of Halcyon – trying once again to rebuild their fortunes.   


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