Unique among the seeds of Cassimus, the seed of the Tree of Adamant fell deep below the ground. The first dwarves, long before they mixed with the other races of Halcyon tended the Tree in their halls of stone, and around it built the Fortress of Dune-Barrow. Like an iceberg – the portion of the city above ground paled in comparison to the vast network of underground cities below. For generations the dwarves lead the world in industry and strength of arms.

Until – the cataclysm and with it came the Great Wurm. 

Whole cities disappeared within its cavernous maw. In its wake came armies of the foul. 

The dwarves went from being the most numerous race in Halcyon to fewer than 50,000 individuals – most of them living in other kingdoms. 

Perhaps more so than the other races, the dwarves have spent the last 1,000 years waging an endless subterranean war. Now, nothing is left of their grand underground empire.

What remains is the surface portion of the city of Dun-Barrow, and its populace is now the single greatest fighting-force in the land. Lead by the Paragon Harroth Hammer-Hand and protected by the Death Mask Berserkers, the children of Dune-Barrow are ready to strike out once more and reclaim their Birthright.    


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